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Picture a world with children living happily, free from poverty, and having open access to adequate education. A world where kids, even those born in an underprivileged part of the globe, can be mentally, physically and emotionally fit for the road ahead. This is the dream of Ehichioya Global Foundation for Children, for which it is working to turn this into a reality.

Who we are:

Ehichioya Global Foundation for Children serves as a non-profit organization established in the United States for doing social services for the welfare of the community and the nation.

Our Aims:

Our mission is to break the deprivation chain and provide aid to deprived children across the world. Our prime goal is to provide less fortunate kids with the basic needs, like shelter, food, medicines and education. We hope to expand our programs to the needy areas all over the world.

What we do:

We provide a support system for the underprivileged children in US and African countries; members of our organization in the US and Africa facilitate them with education, health, and special projects promoting long term self-sufficiency. We also supply food, clothing, scholarships, and educational items, which we collect and purchase.

Furthermore, we raise funds, conduct supplies and donations drives within the United States to collect food, clothing, first aid kits, books and supplies to become a life changing force for the children in need. We strive to improve the sanitary conditions as well by providing clean water, soaps, shoes, and clothing.

The items we receive from the drives are sent to members of our organization in the US and Africa to distribute to those children in need. Ehichioya Global Foundation for children helps needy children in the US, Nigeria and other African countries to meet their physical, emotional and educational needs.

Our Future Plans:

Our plans are to provide underprivileged children with vocational, technical and traditional education training to make them self-sufficient; These plans include encouraging and helping the children to go to local or international schools for educational endeavors. We look forward to providing them with children’s books which we have collected or purchased. Our plans also include helping the sick children get to health clinics to receive regular checkups and any necessary treatments that include medicine.

The ultimate goal of Ehichioya Global Foundation for Children is to expand the supplying process of helping the under-privileged children in Nigeria, all over Africa and eventually throughout the rest of the world.

We understand that there are government sanctions against many countries. We will be diligent in monitoring these sanctions and will ensure that we comply with them. Ehichioya Global Foundation for Children ensures that its volunteers, employees, and any one associated with this foundation take these sanctions seriously. All volunteers and employees will be informed of these sanctions and taught how to avoid violating them.