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“We cannot do great things on this Earth, Only small things with great love.”—Mother Teresa

Help Children Locally, Nationally, or Internationally. Just donate a little amount of your earnings or any stuff like clothes, food, books etc. and make a change in the lives of these innocent kids. These children have lost almost everything in a natural disaster.

Help us to assure a brighter future for these children by making a tax-deductible contribution right away. We and these little angels need your support, with which we can:

You will be able to make donations via credits cards, checks and bankcards

By making a donation to the work of Ehichioya Global Foundation for Children, you are leading a life changing gestures to children we help. On behalf of those children, we can’t thank you enough.

Join hands with us and our attempt to bring change in the lives of those who are in need. True! as a person you cannot change the world, yet you have the power to change the world of a person.