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Have you ever cried of hunger? Do you have any idea how it feels like when hunger strikes your stomach so hard? Have you ever experienced the infuriating tummy grumbles moving through your stomach? Have you suffered from dreadful pain due to wounds and have no first aid available? Now, assume an innocent young child bearing all these hardships, got goosebumps? Probably not anybody at your place has felt the same way.

Not everybody is born with a silver spoon! This world is full of less privileged children; our services are to help these less fortunate children, provide them with food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care; and give them equal opportunities for social development of such children.


Food is what we all strive for! Our mission is to provide food supplies to less privileged children across the world, initially in Africa and the United States. You can also join us in our fight against hunger and help us put food and groceries on the table for needy children offering them healthy, hunger-free lives.


First-Aid kits is the first thing that comes to mind, when anyone is suffering from any injury or sickness that requires medical attention. We provide First Aid kits to the children who are living a vulnerable life and are breathing in an un-hygienic environment. This is one of the basic needs that should be provided to these children as soon as possible. To us, good health is any commodity that can be bought. However, it can be a highly valuable savings account. We also help the sick children get to health clinics to receive regular checkups and any necessary treatments that include medicine.


Floods and other disasters do not leave anything behind, except tears. Don’t these children have right to get educated, to stand on their feet, to get a developmental process like others? Surely, they do own the right to have all the basic requirements and other facilities. We believe, they should be brought up like other kids of their age present in different parts of the world. For this, we award grants and scholarships to the less fortunate children with less or no hope to afford the high school education or a four-year university/college.

The reason behind this scholarship program is to help the orphans, and abandoned children in consequence of war or plagued by diseases that have the zeal and desire to get education but are unable to acquire education.

Scholarship funding may be utilized for tuition, boarding, feeding, books and various other living expenses. The amount of each scholarship will be determined by the funding available. The program is only for indigence and orphans or less fortunate students; the student should currently score a B or higher-grade point average and receive not more than one C grade in a 2-credit hour taken in a semester. Financial statements are necessary from parents or custodians of the student.


Children need many things other than shelter and food. We strive to give every child the things as well as the household items that a child needs to develop into a mature, fully grown, healthy young child